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One Piece 17th Anniversary: 2 - Villains/Antagonists 

Path of a Pirate King is hard. There are many who will stand in your way; many enemies that you will have to surpass; many hardships you will have to go through. But stay strong and follow your path! Believe in yourself and in the people around you and you will overcome any enemy that comes your way.

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Drawing for Happiness with @jiranarong

For more photos and videos of Jiranarong’s illustrations, follow @jiranarong on Instagram.

“I use a lot of drawing techniques, but right now I especially love watercolor and ink,” says Bangkok art director and illustrator Jiranarong Wongsoontorn (@jiranarong). While Jiranarong uses various online channels to share his daily snaps, Instagram has become a place for him to showcase photos and “making-of” videos of his artwork.

Jiranarong’s favorite themes to draw are things that make him feel joyous and peaceful, such as children, flowers and cats. “The main concept of my work is happiness, which means that the photos and videos I share are also made from my happiness,” he explains. When capturing his artistic expressions, he also uses natural light to show the texture of his paper and bring out extra liveliness in his illustrations.

Through Instagram, Jiranarong feels that he is sharing more than just images of his drawings: “I’m very glad to know that many of my followers can feel the same happiness through my work—I am often inspired and learning new things from the people I’m following as well.”

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チョッパー 13 (Chopper 13) - By 100円

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love rain 9 pics

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